Collective Conversations

Coaching Forum

This forum is for discussion about the use of psychosynthesis in coaching and in particular how psychosynthesis can be used to build the Will and a sense of Self purpose. The group draws on the Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching program run by Aubyn Howard and Paul Elliott. Moderator of the group is currently set as Peter Stewart by default, but please let me know if you are interested to take on the role.


Psychosynthesis Discussion Forum

This discussion forum is for those interested in the philosophy and practice of psychosynthesis, and the works and teachings of its founder Roberto Assagioli. t includes topics on key aspects of psychosynthesis such as the sub-personalities, Self and Will, and other topics that may become of evolving interest

Psycho synthesis


Assagioli’s written works constantly mention creativity and the role of creativity in psycho-spiritual development. This group provides a way that those interested in psychosynthesis can use creativity in their coaching or therapy sessions, and encourages an exchange of ideas about poetry, the fine arts and crafts. Moderator is Peter Stewart. 



With a nod to John Lennon’s well-known song, this forum provides a platform for different ideas about how we can make the society we live in better for those who live in it! A simple goal, but don’t hold back! Let your imagination loose, and feel free to express your ideas about what would make the world better.


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