27th July: I changed the Materials tab at the bottom to Creativity. This was partly in response to discussions among one of the users groups I have worked with.

20th July: I’ve got most of the framework for the website ready. Still quite a lot of content that still has to be added, but the framework itself is more or less ready.

Now I need volunteers to submit some sample content — initially by email, that way I can edit it and curate the content before it goes out. I would be very grateful for 2-3 volunteers to submit content so I can get a feeling for how the site might be used. Really whatever you want, but I will put it out in public (the whole iterative development approach means everything is LIVE as the website is built).


  • I am currently trying to develop an events handler (using WP plugins) that will allow Past and Future events to be flagged
  • I will add a Creativity tab on the footer, and use it to highlight creative work by those in the community
  • I will add some better forms for Comments from readers in due course

Thanks for listening. My email is: peter.stewart.lewes@gmail.com


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